What should I wear for engagement photos?

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One of the most common questions we get is, “What should I wear for my photoshoot?” We’ve talked about dressing for family photos before, but today, we’re going to specifically concentrate on what to wear for engagement photos. These photos are important — they show the love between you and your future spouse, without any other frills or additives. What do we mean by that? Well, on your wedding day, your photos are about that — your wedding. While they showcase your relationship, they’re also about a certain point in time. Your engagement photos, on the other hand, are what we call “evergreen.” They could have been taken at any moment in time! So because these photos are important, you want to put your best foot forward, and dress for your engagement photos! Here are our tips for picking out an outfit for your engagement photo session:

Even though they’re engagement photos, wear what makes you happy and comfortable

Your clothes should be about YOU! They should make you feel fly, feel confident, feel special! They should be a reflection of who you are and what your relationship is like. If you feel silly and adventurous, great! Throw on a band t-shirt and some hiking boots, and we’ll meet you in the mountains. If you feel great in a dress and heels, that works too! Just make sure you’re not tugging at a too-tight dress or worrying about the way those jeans make you look during the shoot. We’re here to have fun!

Compliment, but don’t match

You don’t have to both wear the exact same thing (we’ve all seen a photo where the couple is dressed in the exact jeans-and-white-shirt combo that looks a little too creepy), but do wear clothes that compliment each other. Dress in similar styles and levels of dress (ie — don’t get too fancy if your husband-to-be is going to be in jeans and a flannel). Also, stay away from excessive patterns that will look too busy in a photo.

Choose neutral colors

On the “complimenting” note, choose a color palette that matches, but is simple. Some ideas we recommend — pastels, cool colors (like greens, deep blues and off-white) or summery colors (like reds, burnt oranges and browns). Don’t feel like you have to play it down though — feel free to add a pop of color with an accessory, like a tie or chunky necklace. Check out our past engagement galleries here to see what other couples did.

Go classic in your engagement photos

Like we mentioned, you’ll want your engagement photos to be something you cherish and display for years to come. Instead of choosing a style that might be trendy now but go out of style soon (looking at you, ‘80s shoulder pads), opt for something simple and classic.

Stick with a core two outfits

You have a limited time with your photographer, so you want to make the most of it. Instead of turning your engagement photos into a fashion shoot, opt for two core outfits. We suggest having one more casual and one more fancy outfit. Start with the one that’s harder to get into (ie, if you’re rocking panty hose and heels for one, start with that and switch into jeans and a blouse after).


What are you planning to wear for your engagement photos? Do you have specific questions about your choices for your upcoming photoshoot with Hackler Creative? Let us know!

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